David Sullivan: Animations show at the McNay Museum in San Antonio

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I have a show of 5 of my animated paintings opening at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Tx on May 21 and continuing until September 1st, 2013.

From the show description

This two-part video program features animations by New Orleans-based David Sullivan that mix elements of abstract and painterly animation. Works in part 1 are connected by subtle recurring motifs, such as the heartbeat in Sunset Refinery and Swamp Gas, and the mixed sounds of factory and underwater environments in Bubble Pop and Fugitive Emissions. Under Pressure, which comprises the second part, is a more recent work in which Sullivan has eliminated any representational imagery. The infinite number of connections between the human, natural, industrial, and invented elements present in David Sullivan’s videos leads the viewer to contemplate issues such as ecological quality and the impact of human life on the earth, or to simply meditate on the visual experience of color, light, and movement.

sunset refinery