“Piazza Piano” at Luna Fete 2017 in New Orleans

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A new interactive projection mapping piece called “Piazza Piano” is showing at New Orlean’s light festival Luna Fete this year. Projected on an arch of the well known architectural structure Piazza d’Italia in downtown New Orleans, Piazza Piano  turns the arch into a colorful piano. As people move in front of the arch they play the building, creating music and colorful animations across the facade of the building.


Meanders, 2010 -2015, generative code

3 projections for Arts Council New Orleans’ LUNA Fête 2015 in New Orleans

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I have 3 projections as part of the Arts Council New Orleans’ LUNA Fête. My projections will run on Julia St , Friday and Saturday night, from 6-9 pm

The 3 projections are:

Meanders, river meanders drip down the side of the 4 story building on the corner of Julia and Magazine St.

Identity Theft, an interactive projection that steals the identities of  people passing by. This will be on Julia St by Arthur Rogers Gallery and the LA Children’s Museum.

Flow, motion creates swirls of color in this interactive projection. This will also be on Julia St by Arthur Rogers Gallery and the LA Children’s Museum.

More info can be found at:

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Technological Terrarium @ the Ogden Museum

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Myrtle has reprised the Automata show in the Ogden Museum’s tunnel. The show , called Technological Terrarium, will open for White Linen night.

Artist’s in the show are Mark Anderson, Kevin Brown, Christopher Deris, Adam Farrington, Jesse Fontenot, Gumbo Labs, Samuel Joyce, Jayme Kalal, Kourtney Keller, Colin McIntyre, Lefty Parker, Bob Snead, David Sullivan and H. Cole Wiley. On view through September 12, 2011

Here’s the info from the Ogden website:

Below is a link to Doug’s rundown of White Linen Night events:

Schwitters on twitter

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Kurt Schwitters is now on Twitter. Keep up with what the dead man is thinking, tweeting daily from his merzbau under the ground in Hanover, Germany. In keeping with the absurd minutia of social networking, Schwitters is bringing his information rich merz online via the powerful possibilities of Web 2.0. To follow Schwitters on Twitter, click this link,
You will need to sign up for a (free) Twitter account to follow Schwitter’s merzTweets.

Born in 1887, Kurt Schwitters was a german painter famous for his collages, or Merz Pictures. He was also well known for his sound poetry, which you can hear on UbuWeb. He was loosely associated with DADA. He died in England in 1948.

Schwitters on Twitter is powered by a program written in Processing using the Twitter4J Java library.