southern open 2012 review in oxford american

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Reggie Rodrigue wrote a review of the Southern Open with some kind words for my work and a picture of one of my new prints.

“David Sullivan, the other second-tier winner, offers three pieces that also touch on childhood. He creates semi-abstract, cloud-shaped, 3D paintings by printing palimpsestic, digital graphics that are culled from cartoons, video games, and pop references onto cut aluminum and cardboard. The content of Sullivan’s pieces revolves around the BP oil spill of 2010. In works such as “Well Connected,” “Cloud Cuckoo Land,” and “Pump Me Up,” Sullivan explores the sinister, labyrinthine and nebulous predicament that the Gulf South is in due to its ties to oil and gas production. The pieces are the fine art equivalent of BP’s new commercial advising tourists to return to the Gulf Coast: cheerfully ominous.”

The article can be read in full here:

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