Why do we make images? I assume that for most it is desire to communicate ideas about the world to others, their intended audience. For some perhaps it is therapy, for themselves.

What makes a good image? Every art form has qualities that people, consciously or unconsciously, use to judge if it is effective or not. Many of them are similar across art forms.

biological/evolutionary reasons – pattern variation color

cultural reasons – style, color

Principles of design or composition are loosely agreed upon guides. They are not all necessary and maybe not at all necessary to make a good image. However they are a good starting point to figuring out your personal aesthetic. With any luck this aesthetic will resonant with many others. (SUCCESS!!)

In order to become good image makers we need to become good lookers observant and critical viewers. To refine our sensibilities, we can’t just consume media, but we need to analyze why an artwork (image, movie, music etc ) is successful and why or why not?