ReSpore NOLA is an internet work inspired by the pink dots of mold that grew into dark, fuzzy blobs on my friend’s and family’s walls and ceilings in New Orleans, post-Katrina. This digital recreation of an organic phenomenon is a reminder of the ongoing plight of people in New Orleans and along the gulf coast. ReSpore NOLA requires the free Flash Player and works best with a video camera. It uses the camera to determine the brightness of the computer’s surroundings, which in turn controls the amount of mold that grows and how long the mold lives. A dark room will cause so much mold to grow that your computer may crawl, if not crash.

If you enjoy ReSpore NOLA, please consider giving a donation to common ground, or the red cross. The people of NOLA and the gulf coast still need help.

David Sullivan, 2005 (revised 2007)